Giovanni Civardi

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Giovanni Guglielmo Civardi was born in Milan (Italy) in 1947. While training to become a sculptor, portrait artist and illustrator, he also studied medicine and surgery. For over a decade, he worked as an illustrator, at the same time pursuing his interest in the relationship between medical anatomy and the human form as depicted by the artist. His experience gained from teaching anatomy, life drawing and portraiture over many years has led to the publication of numerous books (Anatomia Artistica, Il Castello, 1994; Drawing Human Anatomy, Cassell, 1995; Drawing the Female Nude, Cassell, 1995; Drawing the Human Body, Sterling, 2001; La Testa Umana, Il Castello, 2001; The Human Form, Search Press, 2011; etc.), and establishment of his reputation as both author and artist.

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